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Selling a home is frequently a challenge because many homes sit on the market. Some homes never sell. Some buyers end up frustrated because they don't understand why their home isn't selling. Experienced real estate agents know that it takes many homes an extra push to get them the exposure that they need. Many sellers often feel that they need to compromise their asking price in order to get their home to sell.

We at Asking Price Realty guarantee that your home will sell within 25 days. Homes that aren't sold within 25 days are sold for free. The seller doesn't have to negotiate a lower price. We strive to provide our clients with the best service possible. They ensure that your home reaches every possible buyer that it can.

Our guarantee includes a written contract that details all of the specifics. Most real estate agencies do not offer a guarantee that is remotely similar to this. This is the best offer in the area because the seller cannot lose in this situation. Selling a home quickly and at the desired price is one of the hardest tasks a real estate agent has to accomplish. Our talented team of agents work around the clock to make sure that your home sells by that deadline. The seller should never have to compromise. A person's home is typically their biggest investment. Selling a home should be simple, fast and easy.

There are only a few conditions that the seller is required to meet. The home has to be in salable condition. This simply means that it has to be a fully constructed house. You may callus at (516) 717-4600 to make sure that your home is eligible. This process is fast and efficient. There is no risk involved.

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